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Cork Flooring from Steeles Flooring

Portugal is the region who provides us with our cork flooring, delivering the decorative and functional benefits you're looking for in premium flooring. cork flooring is a unique choice for customers looking for comfortable walking experience, plus rich colors and patters.

Benefits of Cork Flooring

The most important thing about Cork flooring is the durability. It can stand up to any type of foot traffic from homes or office settings.

In addition to that, cork floors are very comfortable and it allows for the impact absorption of footfalls with the purpose of making the walking experience comfortable. Cork floors are also renowned for holding in warmth.

Cork Meets Your "Green" Expectations

If you want to go green, go with cork flooring. cork is an environmentally responsible flooring choice. The good news is that there is little or no wastage when our cork flooring is manufactured.

Cork Floors Add Character to Your Interiors

Cork flooring from Steeles Flooring adds the speckled patterns which vary from tile to tile. This has the purpose of adding character to your space by attracting positive attention. In addition to that, cork flooring offers subtle color variation, this meaning you are free to make your own flooring project.

Why Buy Cork Flooring From Steeles Flooring?

We pride ourselves with the fact that we offer trusted lines of Cork flooring which add beauty, durability, and long-lasting value to your property. In addition to that, we have incredible pricing not found anywhere else. We pride ourselves with the fact that even we sell discount premium flooring at unbeatable prices. The products we commercialize undergo meticulous quality testing before we offer them to our customers.

Explore our great selection of cork floors, and feel free to ask one of our friendly product specialists if you have any questions. Call us toll-free at 1 905 789 WOOD (9663).

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